2013 APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards)

18 September 2013


Well, finally I have a blog set up with my website, so I might start by saying a few words about the 2013 Australian Institute of Professional Photographers yearly competition sponsored by Canon called APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards)

Here is a link to the winners images

There are some incredible pictures in there and in particular the winner, 2013 Landscape Photographer of the year, Tony Hewitt. As Landscapes go, his work has captured the essence of the land from above. I can only presume these images were taken in the West Australian harsh environment. Most likely in the summer months when the sun bakes the country.

As for my experience and scores.... 3 of my images were out of my comfort zone. I generally shoot sport. This year I decided to enter 2 into Landscape and 1 into travel.

First image received a 78

This image received 79. This is the first time I have added  texture to an image but also had help by Nigel Wesley in the creation.

Here is my travel pic and yes I know it seems like  self portrait, however I set the shot up and had a friend push the button. It scored 76. My lowest score this year.

For my last shot was taken at the Deni Ute Muster last year. The image scored a 78.

All in all even though in previous years I have managed to take a silver or 2 and I am happy with this year as my scores reflect that the work is classed at a high end Professional practice. Previous years there has been one or 2 shots that had let me down.......

Having said that...... Bring on 2014 and the start of what I hope to be a regular Blog.

Thanks for reading


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